Better Marketing? Follow Gordon Ramsay’s Example

Photo by Rowen Smith on Unsplash

I love to cook.

It’s one of the few activities in my life that I can begin and see the fruit of my efforts in a short period of time.

Because of this love, I buy many cookbooks and watch way too many cooking shows. My favorite share in great detail WHY you do different steps and in what order. One of the best is the free series on YouTube by Gordon Ramsay.

My wife doesn’t love to cook.

She wants a recipe — a simple set of instructions that lead to an edible meal.

I want to be taught — my wife wants to be told.

When it comes to your marketing, your customers also fall into these two categories.

Little secret — your best, most loyal customers want to be taught. They geek out on understanding how your company does what it does and why. They love behind the scenes content that share the story behind the brand.

And to convert a customer who is buying from another source, you MUST teach them why you are different. It’s the only way to move them from what they currently trust and believe.

The good news is that every message you consider for marketing can be converted from one that simply tells to one that teaches.


Tell: “We provide the fastest most reliable service to our customers.”

Teach: “Our network is powered by the latest in 5G technology allowing you to surf the web, download pictures and video chat with your friends anywhere.”

Telling messages are about you.

Teaching messages focus on meeting your customer where they are and making them smarter about a topic.

My advice? Teach.

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