“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” — Michael John Bobak

I enjoy this time of the year because the pace of business slows enough to allow reflection and provides an opportunity to determine my path forward to finish strong.

And while Michael Bobak’s quote is often interpreted to mean you should go out and do something new, it is also a reminder that the decision not to take an action, pursue an opportunity or address a request can be just as important to your progress.

For me, telling others “no” is difficult and not pursuing an opportunity feels limiting.

These two actions are outside my comfort zone, even more than taking on a project I have never done before or wading into an unfamiliar industry.

I need time like the current lull to clear my head and determine what progress looks like for me.

In order to make progress for the rest of 2017, how should you step outside of your comfort zone? It could be giving up control, taking on a new challenge or scheduling an awkward, but necessary, conversation.

In my work with CEOs and other founders, I find it’s easier for them to step up than it is to step back.

Dojo Master and Chief Strategist at http://ligerpartners.com

Dojo Master and Chief Strategist at http://ligerpartners.com